Who is Behind the Expert Marketplace?

This platform was conceived, designed, architected and built by technology and home services pioneers. After nearly 5 years on Amazon Home Services, the founders knew there was a better way to provide customers with 5-star Assembly & Installation services so the Expert Marketplace was invented. Along with its B2C companion site MyChoreBuddy.com, the Experts-as-a-Service platform is THE industry leading solution for connecting customers, brands and regional/national service providers.

Isn't This Just Another Anji/Home Advisor Type Service?

No. Not even close. Our platform is auto-assign based meaning we send ORDERS, not LEADS to providers. What this means is providers in the marketplace must first define the areas they can service. And opt-in to each service (at the specified price).  Then jobs are awarded to them based upon their performance. Better performing provider get more of the work assigned. All technicians performing services on behalf of the marketplace must the full insured, background checked and certified for the service being performed.

What are the eligibility requirements to join the marketplace?

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How does it work?

Orders are sourced from our customer-facing B2C MyChoreBuddy.com website and we assign them based upon a meritocracy to providers in the expert marketplace based upon availability, coverage areas and performance metrics.

How much does it cost to become a member?

Membership is free. Expert Marketplace takes a % of each order fulfilled by providers as a platform fee.

How do we get paid?

via Direct Deposit and payment is issued on an order-by-order basis once we receive confirmation from the customer that an order has been completed to their satisfaction.