1. What is the Marketplace?

The marketplace sits in between an eCommerce platform that captures customer interest in ordering assembly/installation services and those regional and national providers who perform those services. It is the technology that connects the customer to the provider.

2. Is this a lead-generation platform like Angi’s list?

No. Only confirmed, pre-priced orders are sent to providers in the Expert Marketplace.

3. How do I see what jobs are available to claim?

This is not a claim-based system. Orders are auto-assigned to a provider based upon location, opt-in services and performance metrics.

4. What are the eligibility requirements?

Members must be substantially engaged in assembly or installation services as part of their business, or within a closely related field. Members must demonstrate ethical and professional business practices. Other minimum requirements are size of operations, geographic coverage, liability coverage and capabilities. Not all applicants will be granted membership.