About Us

A Different Type Of Home Services Platform! Designed, architected and launched with a specific goal in mind – to enable a superior Home Services experience for the customer by seamlessly connecting them with the brands and providers driving market demand.

Unlike the other so-called Handy technologies, this powerful platform is full of business rules, workflows and other automation to ensure that the customer is continuously updated with regards to fulfillment status, thereby greatly reducing the need for in-bound customer service and other high-touch customer interaction vehicles.

We're a Technology Platform, Not a Services Company.

Our founders have 30+ years of experience designing, building and launching state-of-the-art marketplace solutions.

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Flexible Solutions for Any Situation

We service both B2C and B2B markets equally well. So whether you need a full end-to-end customer experience or you want to control the customer experience, we got you covered.

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Robust Field Service Capabilities

Our team spent over 5 years working within the Amazon Home Services platform so they know what service providers want and need and especially know what is NOT wanted or needed.

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An experienced team dedicated to building the best Home Services Platform on the planet!

Marc B

Founder | Chief Product Officer

A 30-year technology and services industry veteran, Marc drives the vision for the platform and helps build meaningful brand and provider partnerships to drive success!

Sunny S.


Sunny is our resident software development guru. He is responsible for taking all the wild and crazy ideas from our Chief Product Officer (and founder) and finding a way to make them a reality. He is simply amazing!


Provider Care

Shana works with our regional and national service providers to ensure that all of our customer's needs are being met. She also helps us with providing the best customer service around.