Intelligent Workflow & Automation

At the heart of the platform is a robust workflow engine that ensures that all stakeholders retain constant and consistent status of of an order as it goes from request through the fulfillment process.

Event-driven rules engine ensures that orders move along their way

The expert marketplace carefully tracks orders from inception through completion to ensure that everyone with a stake in the process knows where the order is and what is expected to happen next.

From the point an order is received, a customer is continuously notified of the status of their order. This prevents the need for them to call anyone asking what’s happening with their order. The marketplace will email and text a customer (SMS opt-in required) when an order has been assigned and include provider contact info, when it has been scheduled with the appointment date and when it’s been marked as complete with what to expect next.

Orders are sent to a provider either a webhook where they can action against in their own field service system or via email where they can login to our portal and management it from there. The system will alert a provider when they haven’t actioned an order in a timely manner – such as ACCEPT/DECLINE, SCHEDULE or COMPLETE

Since our platform is not claim based, we are able to award jobs to the best performing providers. In addition to collecting customer feedback via reviews and ratings, the system tracks providers ability to respond to order fulfillment needs in a timely manner.  Those providers who provide the best customer experience are awarded more of the work.