For Brands & Retailers

The Expert Marketplace can operate as a pure B2B play for brands and eCommerce retailers. Those companies that want to control more of the customer experience we have several solutions to fit your needs.

You choose how to work with us

Online retailers can now offer their customers installation of their products at the point of service. Simply direct your customer to our platform and we’ll take it from there. .

Many product manufacturers have a “wholesale” relationship with us. This lets them capture the customer order at their point-of-sale and then they (not the customer) place the order directly with us, thereby controlling the entire customer experience.

Alternatively, an eTailer can control the upfront customer experience but have us capture the customer order within our platform. This hybrid solution allows for the best of both worlds. The retailer controls the customer buying experience while we control the end-to-end service order placement and fulfillment process.

When a product manufacturer or eTailer doesn’t have the need, desire or ability to build any of the service related catalog or shopping cart functionality on their own website, we offer a simple and elegant way of referring customers to our B2C website. Those orders are seamlessly interfaced with the Expert Marketplace for fulfillment by our preferred providers.