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If you are a home and/or property services provider with at least 5 highly qualified technicians at your disposal, regularly deliver 5-star service and have full liability insurance coverage, we’d like to hear from you!

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Note: This is not a gig-economy app. So if that's what you are looking for, please go to and sign-up with our partner there.

If you are a retailer or manufacturer and are interested in using our platform to provide installation/assembly services for your customers, please visit our sister site and click on partnerships at the bottom of the page.

What to Expect: The Provider Process

1. Enroll

There is no cost to join or maintain membership in our network. Once you complete your basic company information, we build your profile page for you. Included in your set-up will be the type of services you perform and area(s) you cover. This will help determine what jobs will get assigned to you. More details regarding the portal are available at here

2. Get Matched

We do all the work to secure pre-priced jobs for providers. Listings are private and only shared with customers after you have been matched with them by our Order Desk. So there is no need for providers to market or advertise service, or haggle over quotes. Providers are notified via email of job awards and the orders are managed via the Expert Marketplace portal. More details regarding the portal are available at here

3. Contact Customer and Schedule

During the ordering process, the customer will be asked for their scheduling preference which will be shared with the provider once the match has been made. Once a provider has viewed the order, they will be asked to Accept or Reject it. All accepted requests need to be scheduled with the customer by the provider within 24 hours of receipt. At this point, the job is waiting to be performed by the provider.

4. Complete Work

On the scheduled appointment day, the technician will perform the requested service and share proof of completion with us. Providers mark the order as "Complete" on our portal to start the verification process. Once an order is marked as complete, the customer is notified via text and email and asked to confirm that the job was completed to their satisfaction. They will also be given the chance to rate the service and provide a review. Future awarding of work will be based on the responsiveness and performance of the service provider.

5. Get Paid

Once a customer has confirmed that a job has been completed to their satisfaction, payment is initiated via ACH to the bank account shared with us during enrollment. Payment is typically released within 3-5 days and payment takes about 5 days to post to providers' bank accounts.